Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello Joyalukkas

First Half:
Popular RJ Ashalatha (asha chechi) stars in Radio Joyalukkas' signature programme. Here, you call for a phone-in rendezvous with the sweetest and wittiest voice to ever hit the airwaves. You and your song will go on air. And your mood, even higher. To join the show dial
0484 3200066 (10.00 am - 11.00 am IST)   0487 - 3209681(11.00 am- 12noon IST)    0471 - 3299216 (5 PM - 6 PM IST)
Second Half:
A lively show where your favourite RJs Balakrishnan as Balettan,Ashalatha as ashachechi & Salin Mankuzhy read out your snail mails and e – mails. Their vivacious style of presentation complete with jokes and anecdotes pep-up your spirit. This cozy show also helps us to know what you think of our programmes. Your valuable feedbacks and suggestions are most valuable to us. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pen, write down your thoughts and mail to us or just email to


  1. very interesting programme. asa chechi i was in dubai during 1995-2000 and thereafter in abudhabi and i know you when you were in radio asia along with gayathri and jaya. now i am in trichur and i am listening the programmes and enjoying a lot

  2. Trying to speak to you Ms.Ashalatha and Mr.Balakrishnan today , to 0484 3200066 , but no one is picking up when its ringing, otherwise there is a busy tone.

  3. i need to hear all previous episodes, i would like to hear coming episodes but im in saudi now what can i do, i really missing asha chechi and balan chettan

  4. manasilee tentionum stress elaaam akatti relax aaaki nameee oru maasmarika lokatheeku kondu pokuunoooooo